SolWPHybrid – Solare Wärmepumpensysteme mit Stromspeicher als Hybridsysteme zur Wärme- und Stromversorgung von Gebäuden

Duration: 01.03.2017 – 30.06.2021


Objectives and Investigations

The focus of the research project SolWPHybrid is on the systematic analysis of solar and heat pump systems with photovoltaic-thermal collectors (PVT), heat pumps (air, ground or ice storage source heat pump systems) as well as thermal and electrical energy storages as hybrid systems for the heat and electricity supply of buildings.

Detailed modeling and analysis of different system concepts

Evaluation of efficiency, amount of self-consumption of PV energy and self-sufficiency as well as economic aspects for different system designs and boundary conditions (locations, buildings)

Investigation of hydraulic integration of PVT collectors and comparison of different PVT concepts

Comparison with combinations of separated solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic modules

Development of optimized control strategies

Validation of simulation models with experimental measurements and component tests

Hardware-in-the-loop analysis of the whole system in the lab

Potential analysis of SG-ready interface for grid supporting operation of heat pumps (by simulation and in the lab)

System concepts

PVT with ground source heat pump system and battery storage


PVT with air source heat pump system and battery storage


PVT with ice storage source heat pump system and battery storage